Linux Support Engineer

My name is Ryan and I have several years of IT help desk experience in the education, entertainment, and retail industries. I’m an actor, public speaker, and writer, and I’ve done both improv and stand-up comedy. I’m also a trained anthropologist with a background in Sufism, philosophy, and political theology. I speak English and French.

I’ve recently enrolled as a part-time data analytics fellow with Springboard. My longterm goal is to better understand systems architecture, fraud analysis, and cybersecurity while never straying from the front lines.

Currently I run several Linux projects in my spare time, and I recently began working with Urbit and the Ethereum blockchain. I am a Project Super Maintainer for WineHQ, and I am heavily involved in a support capacity in the Awesome window manager community.

Beyond my technical and analytical skills, I enjoy the art of customer service. I love solving problems, and I love solving problems for people.

I’m currently accepting opportunities for freelancing and consultation. I am also pursuing a full or part-time client-focused support role to which my unique combination of soft skills and technical proficiency is decidedly best suited.

Please reach out to me if you think I would be a good fit for your project or team. We are, at the present moment, at the cusp of a transformation of civilizational magnitude. I look forward to building the future together!