2020 UFO Prediction

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After the aliens land on Earth and announce their existence through verified accounts on social media, vast corners of the world are united by widespread acceptance of their new place in the universe.

Shaykh Yusuf al-Qaradawi and Pope Francis, almost immediately, issue official edicts formally recognizing belief in the existence of extraterrestrial life. But roughly 33% of the population – across existing ideological divides – remains skeptical of the validity of the news.

The first human the aliens meet is Donald Trump – with whom they make the Deal of the Millennium™, but the meeting goes unreported and takes place entirely in secret.

The aliens then host a conference with dozens of world leaders in Paris. The people of the earth are ecstatic to hear the announcement of mass distribution of COVID vaccines from outer space – this in exchange merely for humanity’s indentured servitude.

Throughout the first 48 hours of Disclosure, the subject of Trump is barely mentioned in the news cycle at all, but it then begins to dominate again. Reportedly angry that he was not “invited” to the conference, Trump tweets that our new alien overlords are losers. He tweets again that they’re not even real aliens.

Corporate media and Silicon Valley – on direct orders, curiously enough, from the Trump Administration – subsequently circulate and advance the meme that only Trump supporters don’t believe in the alien thing. Within 24 hours of hearing this, all liberals suddenly believe in the alien thing. And more Trump supporters agree it’s a hoax.

Food and grocery delivery services are halted. Americans succumb to mass cannibalism. We never find out if the aliens were real.