Linux Support Engineer

My name is Ryan and I have several years of IT help desk experience in the education, entertainment, and retail industries. I’m an actor, public speaker, and writer, and I’ve done both improv and stand-up comedy. I’m also a trained anthropologist with a background in Sufism, philosophy, and political theology. I speak English and French.

Currently I run several Linux projects in my spare time. I am a Project Super Maintainer for WineHQ, and I am heavily involved in a support capacity in the Awesome window manager community.

Beyond my technical and analytical skills, I enjoy the art of customer service. I love solving problems, and I love solving problems for people.

Please reach out to me if you think I would be a good fit for your project or team. I’m always open to opportunities for freelancing and consultation to which my unique combination of soft skills and technical proficiency are well suited.

Drop me a line