Gleams from the Gray Zone

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Max Blumenthal: Acronym group that sabotaged Iowa caucus birthed by billionaire who funded Alabama disinformation campaign

Excellent piece by independent journalist Max Blumenthal released today on ACRONYM – the Buttigieg-backed group that sabotaged the Iowa caucus results – and its funding by Reid Hoffman.

As Blumenthal reminds us, Hoffman is the Far Right Democrat and Silicon Valley billionaire who was also responsible for manipulating an election by financing thousands of “Russian” bots created by the hip Austin-based US intelligence contractor “New Knowledge,” which several months after the ensuing scandal has re-branded under the cuter and friendlier name “Yonder.”

As you’re probably already aware, it was Max Blumenthal whose home the Trump Administration sent a swarm of DC police to a few months ago, when they locked him up for two days and did not let him speak to his lawyer. This was his prompt welcome home ceremony from Syria, where he was of course reporting on the devastating war wrought by the US-backed al-Qaeda affiliates there for nearly a decade.

The response by Democrats and the corporate media was total silence. If we are to conceptualize Fascism today in the slightest of relevant and meaningful capacity, we are forced to begin with the awkward but demonstrable truth that it is a gruesomely bipartisan phenomeon.